ict4d and digital development


Become a human centered enabler for an integrated and inclusive Digital Society and Economy that improves the quality of life of African people.

our mission

We offer strategic and technical advisory services to donors, implementing partners, non-governmental organizations, government and the private sector.

We support local needs by building local relationships and capacity - especially among young people and women - and leveraging partnerships with the private sector

We develop a participative and agile methodology for digital transformation towards economic, social and environmental development in Africa.


  • Strategic and technical consulting

  • Assessments, market studies, user research and requirements analysis

  • Proposal development, program design and strategy co-creation

  • Technology watch, selection and recommendation

  • Partnership identification and co-creation

  • Workshop moderation (remote and in-person)

  • Through partners: development and roll out of digital tools, data work and UX research

who we are

Nils Kaiser

  • Digital Development

  • Digital Health

  • Business Analysis

  • ICT4D & Digital Transformation

@nilskaikai - linkedin

šŸŒŽ Dakar, Senegal

Akissi Kouassi

  • Digital Development

  • Market Research

  • Digital Finance

  • Youth and Women empowerment

@arianekouassi1 - linkedin

šŸŒŽ Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Mamadou Djigo

  • Digital Development

  • Edtech

  • ICT4D & Digital Transformation

  • Design thinking

@mamaddjigo - linkedin

šŸŒŽ Dakar, Senegal


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