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CGER's Digital Transformation

 Senegal  |   Feb 2022 - end of 2023 | GIZ Senegal

Assessment of CGER, with a focus on the organisational strengths and weakness, and identification of digital needs. Creation of an action plan for digital transformation and monitoring of its implementation through mentoring and capacity building.


  • Diagnostic of the organisation including SWOT

  • Mapping key processes

  • Identification and validation of digital needs


  • Creation of a budgeted action plan

  • Hiring and mentoring of an Information Systems Manager

Health Data Exchange based on IHE

 Senegal  |   Feb 2022 - end of 2023 | GIZ

Introduction of a health data exchange based on open standards (IHE) in Senegal through partnerships between a European provider of IHE software and local health information systems providers. Coordination with multiple stakeholders from private and public sector and support of the needed political reform process.


  • Establishment of a Senegalese IHE community

  • Selection of Senegalese suppliers of hospital management software

  • Planning of training on open data standards and a proof of concept

  • Coordination with the project's technical and political stakeholder's, particularly with regard to the legal and technical framework

Design of a new digital economy programme
 Togo  |   Sept 2021 - May 2022 | GIZ Togo

Appraisal and scoping process for a new Digital Economy Programme according to German Ministry of Development Cooperation process (BMZ). Ensured in-depth consultations with Ministry of ICT, GIZ staff as well as stakeholders from the Togolese ICT sector.


  • Virtual collaborative workshops with private sector, Ministry of Digital Economy and GIZ staff
    Review of strategic documents from government and donors

 Program Design

  • Redaction of program documents along with GIZ employees

  • Preparation and participation of key milestones (QP, ZAK)

Facebook for social impact - Survey & Strategy
 Africa  |   Nov 2020 - March 2022 | Facebook

Designed a market research study in Africa, which combined interviewing and surveying of more than 350 social impact organisations in 29 African countries. Data analysis and visualization using advanced statistics and interactive dashboards. Provided strategic recommendations for improved market engagement.


  • Landscape research and identification of survey respondents

  • Data analysis including comparative analysis and identification of clusters, data visualization

  • Documentation of results and strategic recommendations  

Digital agriculture programme design
 Benin  |   Sept 2020 - Jan 2021 | GIZ Benin

Execution of a collaborative ideation process with group sessions including government, GIZ program staff and target population from the agricultural sector. Development of a short list of project options and drafting of 3 tender documents for digital programs. 


  • Research and evaluation of market solutions

  • Collaborative workshops and interviews

 Program Design

  • Ideation process to identify potential areas of activities with GIZ staff, implementation partners, government partners, field agents 

  • Prioritisation of suggested digital program pillars in an iterative process

  • Preparation of Terms of Reference documents for tendering