About us

Learn about who we are and our mission

We are a team of digital development advisors and offer strategic and technical consulting services to the private sector, donors, implementing partners and NGOs.

Founded in 2020 in Dakar, our team covers diverse, yet relevant, domains and sectors. We sharpen our  growing our skill set and experience with each project and customer.

Our team

Nils Kaiser, Founder and Principal Advisor

Founder and principal advisor, Nils has 15+ years in IT and ICT, 6 years in digital technical and strategic consulting for development cooperation projects.


Ariane Kouassi, Advisor

Digital development advisor, Ariane demonstrates 6 years of experience in the field of digital finance, financial inclusion, market research and women & young empowerment.


Mamadou Djigo, Advisor

With 13 years of experience, Mamadou is Digital development advisor. He is an expert in EDTECH, ICT4D & digital transformation and Design thinking.


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Our vision and mission

Be an enabler for a human centered and inclusive
Digital Society and Economy for African people

We offer  strategic and technical advisory services to the private sector, donors and implementing partners, non-governmental organizations and government.

We  support local needs by designing impactful programmes  and building local relationships and capacity and leveraging partnerships with the private sector

We develop a  participative and agile methodology for digital transformation  towards economic, social and environmental development in Africa.