Looking back, looking forward - from 2022 to 2023
A summary of our activities this year and perspectives for the next year

As the year 2022 in ending, here is a quick review of our main accomplishments for the past year and peak into our priorities for the next year.

What happened at kaikai in 2022?

This past year, we managed to

  • complete a large study / survey / data analysis and visualization project for Facebook in Africa (which unfortunately we cannot share)

  • participate in the design a program for SMEs in Togo to put into action a financing of 5 million Euro

  • make progress in two projects in Senegal in the field of digital transformation in agriculture (see our article) and digital health (more news soon!)

  • co-design a digital transformation project in water management using collaborative co-design workshops (insights into our methodology)

  • organize a successful event on the digital transformation of the agriculture sector with the incubator of the UGB in Saint Louis (see our write up)

  • ramp up our digital communication and continue to co-host events of the e-health community in Senegal

  • focus on professionalizing our internal processes and management to be ready for additional growth in 2023!

And next year?

We're growing our team and will make some announcements. You can expect to see more of us in Senegal and in the region, but here some of our strategic goals:

  • Diversify our client base as well as venturing into new topics connected to digital transformation and economic, social and environmental impact

  • Develop partnerships that allow us to scale our impact

  • Capitalize our achievements and work on programs at scale

  • Continue to work on exciting projects while designing and executing our own ideas

  • Further communicate about our impact and involve more people into our strategic development

Thank you!

There are many people who keep supporting us, both within the team and our customers and partners. Thank you for believing in our contributions to achieve long-lasting economic, social and environmental impact and focusing on people while leveraging digital technology.

Looking back, looking forward - from 2022 to 2023
Nils Kaiser 23 December, 2022
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