My onboarding experience as a new intern at Kaikai
5 things that marked me during my integration at Kaikai.

When joining a new company, onboarding is a crucial stage in the adaptation process. Those first few days and weeks are often full of emotions and discoveries, and it's worth taking a step back to identify what made the biggest impression on you.

My name is Dieudonné Fortune GNANGUENON, Junior Project Manager at kaikai. In this article, I'd like to share with you five (5) things that particularly marked me during my integration at Kaikai.

A warm and personalized welcome

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly and dynamic team. Everyone did their utmost to create an environment conducive to my integration, taking the time to introduce themselves and the work environment. The focal point of this welcome is the personalized approach it takes, as an action plan has been put in place to support me throughout my first week of integration. This action plan places particular emphasis on understanding the corporate culture.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is the set of values, beliefs, attitudes and norms shared within an organization. At kaikai, the company's values, vision and objectives have been shared with me in complete transparency. Kaikai not only promotes the use of digital technology for development (ICT4D), but also aligns its vision with the principles for digital development.

I was thus able to appreciate that through kaikai I would have the chance to participate in projects in which digital technology would be used to contribute to a strong social impact.  This cultural transparency, coupled with a series of tasks enabling me to gradually immerse myself in the company's vision, enabled me to quickly feel aligned with the company's values, creating a feeling of trust from the very first days. But I can't talk about corporate culture at kaikai without mentioning the organization.

The organization

Organization is a point that really caught my attention when I joined kaikai. The company has introduced digital tools to help plan, organize and quantify the work performed. Getting to grips with these tools and, above all, integrating this way of working was my first challenge, but as I began to find my way around, my work became more efficient. What's more, I've discovered that this approach to work prevents procrastination, gives me visibility over the progress of my tasks and gives me the flexibility to postpone and reschedule activities.

This organization is greatly facilitated by the use of collaboration tools within the company.

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Collaboration tools

The main collaboration tool used at kaikai is Google Workspace. It simplifies document management and sharing via Google Drive, while promoting effective internal communication through company chat. In addition to these features, Google Workspace offers a wide range of tools to enhance internal collaboration and facilitate communication with kaikai's customers and partners.

Kaikai uses various digital tools to optimize its internal operations. Among them, an ERP facilitates internal management, while a Chat Bot performs a daily check-in, enabling progress to be summarized, any sticking points to be identified and everyone's mood to be assessed. This Chat Bot also offers the possibility of sharing important or urgent messages with the team, promoting effective communication, for example in the event of delays. Also, we leverage project management and time tracking tools to monitor and quantify the work accomplished.

The coordinated use of these tools helps to establish harmony and transparency within the team, creating a group atmosphere conducive to fruitful collaboration.

Group atmosphere

A good group atmosphere is an essential part of any company's success. At kaikai, the atmosphere is rather good and cheerful. The daily check-in early in the morning lets other team members know your mood, so they can take it into account. There are occasional group lunches for team building, as well as discussions and exchanges to get to know each other better. This friendly, informal atmosphere makes it easier for the different team members to get to know each other. It's what I'd call an agile discipline.

In conclusion, my onboarding at kaikai was an enriching experience, marked by a warm welcome, cultural transparency, dynamic collaboration and a friendly atmosphere. These elements not only facilitated my integration, but also laid the foundations for a positive and fulfilling professional experience. I'm looking forward to contributing to the success of this company and to growing within this inspiring professional community.

My onboarding experience as a new intern at Kaikai
Dieudonné Fortune Gnanguenon 15 December, 2023
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