Café e-Santé #36 : Telemedicine in Senegal

Current situation and outlook

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Join us for the 36th Café e-Santé of the Senegalese eHealth Community

Telemedicine is one of the major turning points in the medical sector today. With the dazzling technological advances we are seeing and the 5G broadband connection, performing a medical procedure remotely is no longer a myth, but a reality. But at a time when great strides are being made in this field in other parts of the world, we are entitled to wonder what is happening in our West African sub-region, and more specifically in Senegal. 

Our webinar today will focus on the following theme: "Telemedicine in Senegal: current situation and outlook".

Here are the main topics to be discussed : 

  • The prospects for telemedicine in West Africa: the case of Mali

  • Experience of a remote medical assistance platform for patients and practitioners

  • Presentation of the Enabel telemedicine project in Senegal

  • Presentation of the African telemedicine center

Panelists : 

  • Dr Mahmoud CISSE  - , Teacher-Researcher in Medical Informatics (DIGI-SANTÉ-MALI), Mali

  • Dr Patrick CORREA - Regulatory Doctor (Medical Assistance), Senegal

  • Dr Dembo GUIRASSY - Obstetric Gynaecologist (Expert in SRMNIA at Enabel), Senegal

  • Prof Ibrahima Bara DIOP - Interventional Cardiologist, (Director of the African Telemedicine Center, CHU Fann), Senegal


  • Actors in the Health sector 

  • Non-profit organisations

  • Donors

  • Public funding and support agencies for SMEs

  • The eHealth startup ecosystem

  • Health Care facilities

Date & Time
3 July 2024
12:00 13:00 UTC

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