Training for medical data exchange according to IHE standards

Demonstrate the feasibility of exchanging medical data using IHE standards in Senegal - IHE training

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AGHA and kaikai are currently executing a project to demonstrate the feasibility of exchanging medical data using IHE standards in Senegal, which is in line with the MSAS digital health strategic plan 2018-2025. It aims to strengthen the health system by build a community around IHE in Senegal, training selected health systems providers and supporting the government of Senegal to established strategic and technical policy.

For more information see this presentation and this summary. Deadline for the registration is 23th of february 2023!


This training aims to ensure a better understanding of IHE. It will be divided into three parts:

  1. General information session on IHE for all stakeholders

  2. Technical training for HIS PROVIDERS but also for the technical services of MSAS, MENT, SENUM.

  3. One to one session between Tiani's technical manager and the HIS PROVIDERS' developers for the integration of APIs.

Modules & participants

The training is divided into modules and target audience (click to zoom):

The trainer

The training will be provided by Abdallah MILADI, software engineer and specialist in IHE and HL7. He has worked on several international projects and the integration of medical solutions into national systems according to IHE standards (Austrian ELGA, Swiss EPD and American NwHIN).


The first day of training and launch (28 February 2023) will be held at the Radisson Dakar and the following days at the GIZ offices in Almadies opposite the KING FAHD PALACE  . 

Information session

An information session will be organized on Tuesday 24 January 2023 at 11:00 GMT.

Date & Time
28 February 2023
Start - 09:00
3 March 2023
End - 19:00 UTC

Radisson (28/2) - Giz Senegal Invest for Jobs (1-2/3)

--Radisson (28/2) - Giz Senegal Invest for Jobs (1-2/3)--
--Radisson (28/2) - Giz Senegal Invest for Jobs (1-2/3)--

Mamadou Djigo

+221 77 516 05 06
+221 77 516 05 06

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